Dear friends,

I am honored to be the chairman of the DVCon China again. On behalf of the whole steering committee, we welcome all the old and new friends to join us. As a platform focus on technology, we’d like to bring you latest update from the industry, new ideas and new practices from engineers all over the country.

In 2021, we restarted DVCon China. Although overseas attendance was limited, we got another record of meeting participants. We can feel your enthusiasm and how hot the industry is. We get attention from the whole society, and what we’re doing is the real hard technology. Last year we mentioned that more system companies are stepping into IC industry, and more local EDA companies are arising. In just one year, they already bring their products to the market. That’s saying our work is effective for sure.

As always, we see more challenge in our daily work. Chips are having more scenarios, and iteration is even faster. We need to rescue our engineers from chores and focus on key technology. More teams are trying PSS, compared to C or UVM it can make people verify at higher abstract level. We see formal verification has more scenarios which can help us to get a coverage closure much faster than simulation.

We need to find a smart way to improve our efficiency and quality, no matter based on current tools and methodologies, or our customize solutions. Keep thinking, and each of your interesting idea may become a standard or direction followed by everyone.

We’re going to have many topics in DVCon China. We will invite experts from the industry to share the hottest trends. We also encourage you to step on the stage and share your intelligence with us.

Looking forward to meeting you in shanghai in next spring.


PeiYu Liu

DVCon China 2022 General Chair

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