Dear friends,

First of all, we want to say a big thank you for your support of DVCon China. We made a difficult decision to cancel DVCon China 2020 because of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Thank you for understanding and patience, now we’re back. On behalf of the whole steering committee, I welcome all our old and new friends to join us.

We have a strong TPC with experts from many famous companies this year, and our vision is to provide you a platform to hear the latest update from the industry and exchange ideas with engineers all over the country.

In the past year, the outbreak made significant change to the world, and the lifestyle of many people. We see more opportunities appeared in IC industry, and you can see many new faces. Many Internet and software companies are stepping into IC industry now. It’s a great time for all of us. But at the same time, we see more challenge in our daily work. New chip architecture comes, and more hardware and software co-verification is required before tape out, HLS is used more widely than before to get a quick design implement.

As always, new tools and methodology are developed to help engineers. More improvement has been made to the existing tools. Just like all the weapons are placed in front of you, have you found the one you need? Are you using it in the proper way? Oh, maybe you’re using your customized one?

We’re going to have many topics in DVCon China. We will invite experts from the industry to share the hottest trends. You will hear from our peers of how their bright idea helps in the daily work. The most important is that by submitting paper, you have the opportunity to step on the stage and share your intelligence with us.

Looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai in May.


PeiYu Liu

DVCon China 2021 General Chair

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