We encourage you to review the materials in this section to gain a greater understanding of the conference and to communicate the value of participating in DVCon China 2023 when attempting to gain attendance approval from your manager.

When you propose attending DVCon China 2023, focus on specifically what you will bring back to the organization to demonstrate return on the investment. Use this "benefits guide" to help you state your case.

Gain knowledge from the Educational Program:

  • State your organization's specific goals or needs, and then state how specific components of the conference will help meet those needs.
  • Which topic tracks or specific sessions have particular relevance to your department's or organization's current priorities and goals? Are there sessions that will provide insight into a particular challenge or goal your organization is facing right now, or expects to face in the next 12 months? Identify specifically what you can use, and how.
  • Which of the sessions are most relevant to your professional development goals or your organization's expectations of you? What new skill(s) or approach(es) will you bring back?

Networking Benefits:

  • Be sure to state how DVCon China will enable you to meet and interact with industry professionals in similar roles and organizations from around the country. You will be able to take the pulse of what your peer organizations are talking about and planning for, and how they are accomplishing their specific goals.

Exhibit Hall Benefits:

  • Explain that the conference showcases vendors with tools or services that you use or are evaluating for potential future use.
  • Note that this is also an opportunity to collect first-hand information and to compare competing companies.

Conference Reports

After the conference is the perfect time to explain that attending DVCon China was beneficial for not only you as an attendee, but for your company as a whole. This also helps to ensure that you will be able to attend future conferences. One technique that is used by a number of attendees is the use of a Conference Report. A Conference Report states information about the conference to anyone who wasn't able to attend the conference. You may use this information to teach others, or simply give further justification to your manager. Examples of information that may be included in the report are:

  • General conference information
  • Presentation summaries
  • General Session summaries
  • Concurrent Session summaries
  • Networking Event summaries
  • Vendor Presentation (VSP) summaries
  • Information about products gathered from conversations with vendors in the Exhibit Hall
  • Ideas to be used upon returning from the conference

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