Shanghai, China


DVCon China 2017 Keynote Address - What’s Next in Verification

DVCon China 2017 Keynote Address - What’s Next in Verification

As the world of SoCs continues to grow in complexity and the pressure for time-to-market steadily increases, advanced SoC teams are faced with a bevy of new verification requirements. This keynote highlights the trends and challenges within the current landscape, in addition to the latest verification technology trends and the direction of future innovation. The keynote will present how a next-generation verification platform is helping companies accelerate time-to-market by months through a continuum of verification solutions, based on the industry’s fastest engines with smooth transitions via native integrations with unified compile and unified debug.



Fu Yong Synopsys

Yong Fu is Group Director of Synopsys’ Verification Group. He is responsible for technical support for customers in the Asia Pacific Region. Yong started his EDA career 1998 after joining Quickturn (acquired by Cadence). Since then he has been dedicated to supporting key customers in Asia, promoting advanced verification technologies and methodologies for almost 20 years. Prior to joining EDA he spent three years at Samsung Electronics in Korea. Yong holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electronics engineering and M.S in electronics engineering from Tsinghua University Beijing.