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2018 Keynote Address - Industry’s Next Challenge: The Petacycle Challenge

2018 Keynote Address - Industry’s Next Challenge: The Petacycle Challenge

This keynote highlights how new growth segments, such as Automotive, IoT, Networking, 5G Mobile, etc. are fundamentally changing the requirements for verification. The keynote will emphasize how addressing the SoC verification, software bring-up and validation needed for these segments will change the nature of verification technologies and solutions.



Chris Tice Synopsys, Inc.

Christopher Tice is vice president of Verification Continuum Solutions in the Verification Group, responsible for driving the growth of Synopsys' verification business based on a foundation of solutions addressing fast-growing verticals such as automotive, networking, and IoT. Before joining Synopsys, he was an entrepreneur-in-residence at SK Telecom Innopartners. Mr. Tice spent 16 years at Cadence Design Systems where he was senior vice president and general manager of the Hardware and Systems Groups. Prior roles included vice president of Quickturn Design Systems and general manager of Weitek’s Processor Business Group. Mr. Tice received his BSEE with honors from the University of Florida and attended the MBA School at Florida Atlantic University. He was elected as an inaugural member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy of the University of Florida in 2009.