17 April, 2019

Crowne Plaza Hotel Century Park, Shanghai, China

Welcome Message from the General Chair

Welcome Message from the General Chair

Dear friends,

I am honored to be the general chair of the third DVCon to participate in this conference with you IC industry friends. DVCon as an influential conference in IC design verification, it took root in China in 2017 by its host, the United States.

Such a conference over the history of the 20 has opened up chapters in China, which reflects the rapid development of the domestic IC industry over the years, as well as the desire of IC practitioners to exchange engineering experience. I personally engaged in the chip verification for ten years, and maybe practiced shorter than my colleagues in the United States, Europe. This can reflect the IC verification of the development of the profession in the country as my work age, but also needs time to precipitate. As an engineer, the desire to grow quickly requires not only focusing on specific technical areas, but also maintaining regular communication with peers.

DVCon is providing such a valuable opportunity for IC design verification engineers across the country to learn the latest tools and ideas from the industry, to understand the design verification pain points of different companies in the face of increasingly complex chip systems, and to learn about other people's solutions to complex engineering problems. The gap between IC design and verification is widening as software is criticized for its hardware structure and design, which is not keeping up with software needs. To solve this problem, not only the EDA company in methodology and tools to improve and innovation, but also to consider how to build on the existing verification technology to become more intelligent.

I look forward to seeing further developments and practical use cases for Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) in this Conference, as well as companies demonstrating interesting applications that combine AI data learning with verification-related databases. The DVCon conference is positioned not only to enable attendees to understand the latest IC design verification technology applications, but also to enable IC design verification to become more professional at home. While improving the specialization of design verification, we also need to make efforts to alleviate the shortage of IC design verification talents.

I have been actively combining some universities to promote the chip verification of the university education popularization, this year my team and I will offer the IC Verification Foundation course through MOOC (online class) form to meet the needs of national students for chip verification education. I have reason to believe that the development of IC in China requires the technical exchange of engineers from different companies, the need to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and universities in the field of production, and the need for the EDA company to interact more closely with the design company. Only in the quality of employment, personnel reserves and the production of tools to help in many ways, to the rapid development of IC design in China to lay a solid foundation.

Here, I would like to work with all the attendees of the third DVCon China to contribute to this wonderful and great desire.

LIU, Bin

DVCon China 2019 General Chair