15 April 2020

Shanghai, China

Parkline Century Hotel

Verification Strategy for a 5G Connected World

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 05:36 -- root

5G performance goals challenge the communications industry, with specific demands resulting from use of the millimeter wave (mmWave) radio frequency spectrum for both handsets and infrastructure. Designs need several system architecture changes to enable 5G edge computing in backhaul, and optical fronthaul. The 5G vision includes very high data rates, very high connected-device count, very low latency, very high reliability and security, and long battery life.

Using Portable Stimulus to Verify an ARMv8 Sub-System Integration on an SoC

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 05:36 -- root

The new Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) is now being used on the toughest verification problems, particularly at the System-on-Chip (SoC) level. The integration of a multicore ARMv8 sub-system onto an SoC is typical of these challenges, and the use of Portable Stimulus has greatly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of this task on many designs. For engineers working on SoCs and interested to see what other teams are doing to verify these platforms, this workshop is for you.

Portable Coverage: Integrating Formal and Simulation Coverage for Efficient, Faster Verification Signoff

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 05:36 -- root

If you don’t measure, you don’t know. Verification planning and coverage metrics are crucial to track progress and achieve signoff. Can formal and simulation results be integrated in a comprehensive view of the verification status? Can formal return on investment (ROI) be maximized by reducing overlap with simulation-based verification tasks? Can the verification flow be interoperable and future proof, rather than sub-optimal and locked to a single tool vendor?

Expo Open

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 05:36 -- root

Come to the DVCon China Expo and you will:

Meet vendors of design and verification tools, IP/VIP and services! Spend quality time with the vendors you most want to meet! Discover and learn about the latest products and services!


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