15 April 2020

Shanghai, China

Parkline Century Hotel

Event Details

MP Associates, Inc.
WEDNESDAY April 17, 13:15 - 14:00 | Ballroom A
Portable Coverage: Integrating Formal and Simulation Coverage for Efficient, Faster Verification Signoff

Vladislav Palfy - OneSpin Solutions GmbH
Nicolae Tusinschi - OneSpin Solutions GmbH
Sergio Marchese - OneSpin Solutions GmbH

If you don’t measure, you don’t know. Verification planning and coverage metrics are crucial to track progress and achieve signoff. Can formal and simulation results be integrated in a comprehensive view of the verification status? Can formal return on investment (ROI) be maximized by reducing overlap with simulation-based verification tasks? Can the verification flow be interoperable and future proof, rather than sub-optimal and locked to a single tool vendor?

This short workshop uses a verification case study where formal and simulation verification results are integrated in a coherent view. The verification flow supports any simulator and planning tool. The flow leverages formal model-based mutation coverage, which enables a meaningful integration with simulation structural coverage. Ultimately, this flow provides a more accurate view of verification status and reduces effort to achieve signoff.

The workshop agenda is as follow:

• Don’t get locked-in: interoperable coverage
• Review of formal coverage metrics
• Integration of formal coverage with simulation coverage
• Accelerate verification signoff with formal coverage
• Tracking formal results in your favorite verification planning tool
• Maximize formal ROI by reducing effort overlap with simulation verification
• Summary and Q&A

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