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Catch it Before it Bites – How to Eradicate Reset Domain Crossing (RDC) Meta-Stability Issues in Your Design

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 03:58 -- root

Have you ever spent weeks or even months trying to reproduce a design bug that only shows up sporadically, and therefore extremely hard to catch? Many people can tell you their horror stories of trying to catch these bugs, which turned out to be related to reset metastability.

Understandably, any bug related to either reset alone or signal metastability can be hard to find, let alone the combination of both - metastability caused by resets! If you haven’t, you will, because you are doing leading-edge System-on-Chip (SoC) design with complex reset interactions among your many reset flavors: power-on-resets, software resets, debug resets, low power resets, low-voltage resets, global resets, and local resets. All of these resets can be independently asserted and de-asserted at any time during chip operation. If a signal going from one reset domain to another (reset domain crossing) is not properly synchronized, you will have reset metastability propagating downstream causing elusive design bugs.

Just like CDC sign-off has become a must-have solution in any verification methodology, RDC sign-off, a new technology focusing on identifying potential RDC issues, has become a must-have solution. In this workshop, we will start from the beginning and give you a complete tour of the what, why and how on RDC sign-off :

    What kind of bugs are related to RDC metastability?
  • Why is RDC sign-off a must-have in your design flow?
  • How to design RDC safe SoC?
  • How to achieve sign-off with Meridian RDC?

All discussions are based on real customer RDC design bugs so you will gain sufficient and practical insight to become an RDC champion and expert in your team. In the end, there are two types of designs in the world – one is cleaned up by RDC static sign-off tool and hence is pristine with no RDC issues so you get to sleep soundly at night; the other is littered with potential RDC bugs that will look for opportunities to come into the light when you least expect. What types of design do you want to have?

Catch it before it bites. Come and learn how Meridian RDC, best-in-class RDC sign-off solution from Real Intent, is adopted by many leading-edge design companies to eradicate RDC issues in their designs.

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Short Workshop
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Wednesday, April 15, 2020 -
13:15 to 14:00
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